Cranberry Isles Realty Trust

Sustaining the Cranberry Isles
Through Affordable Workforce Housing

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Cranberry Isles Realty Trust is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving the Town of Cranberry Isles.

We provide affordable housing for those wishing to live on Great Cranberry or Islesford year-round. We aim to halt the loss—in fact, increase—the number of working year-round families on the islands. This will strengthen the island community and economy, helping to sustain a way of life, both now and into the future.

Available Rental House

The Rice house will be available for rental after April 1, 2015, at the rate of $600 per month. Inquiries may be directed to CIRT President Phil Whitney.


The Amusos have occupied the Islesford House for several years.

Ben and Jen Walls, from Biddeford Maine, with three school-age daughters, moved into the Woodland House on August 29, 2014.

Ric and Ingrid Gaither, with with one school-age boy, moved into the Pondview House on Sept. 1, 2014.

Tiffany Tate, with one school-age boy, has moved into the Kane House late in 2014.

CIRT Newsletter, August 2014

Aug 31, 2014—Read or print the August 2014 newsletter.

August Open House

The second public showing of CIRT's two new Growing Great Cranberry houses will be on Wednesday, August 20. Come to the Cranberry House at 4 pm for a short presentation, including CIRT's beautiful new aerial movie of the island.

July Open House and Pig Roast

The first public showing of CIRT's two new Growing Great Cranberry houses will be on Wednesday, July 16. Come to the Cranberry House at 4 pm for a short presentation, including CIRT's beautiful new aerial movie of the island. A Pig Roast fundraiser follows on Saturday, July 19 at 6 pm.

CIRT Complimented

June 19, 2014—The Mount Desert Islander newspaper prints a very favorable editorial about Great Cranberry Island's efforts to build a thriving year-round community.

Two New Houses Installed!

June 18, 2014—The two new modular houses of the Growing Great Cranberry Project have been placed on their foundations just behind Cranberry House.

Woodland House on the left in background; Pondview House on right.

Now the remaining work is:

We still need additional funds for some of these areas.

Growing Great Cranberry Project Breaks Ground!

April 22, 2014—Amazing progress is happening just behind Cranberry House. With the assurance of funds from MaineHousing, Coastal Builders' subcontractors started working hammer and tongs on April 17. Now, only three working days later, the two new house site foundation holes are dug, the cement footing forms are installed, and both water wells are completed!

See Growing Great Cranberry Construction Progress

John Savage Hired as General Manager

April 12, 2014—Well-known local businessman John Savage, of Northeast Harbor, has been hired as General Manager of CIRT.

MaineHousing Releases $355,000 for Growing Great Cranberry

April 1, 2014—It's no April joke; as the culmination of almost three years of study and planning, today a contingent from CIRT visited MaineHousing's offices in Augusta to sign the final papers releasing a forgivable loan (in actuality, a grant) for the purpose of building two affordable houses on Great Cranberry Island.

(l to r) Liza Fleming-Ives & Mary Terry of Genesis, Bill Glover of MaineHousing, Chris Johnston of CIRT, Linda Uhl (MH), Phil Whitney & Bruce Komusin (CIRT), and Nat Fenton, CIRT's attorney.

According to a press release from MaineHousing, "MaineHousing is contributing $355,000 from its Affordable Housing Initiative for Maine Islands towards the Growing Great Cranberry Project. The balance of the over $500,000 development budget has been raised by CIRT in the community and it has taken out a small bank loan. CIRT has worked with Coastal Builders of Trenton to develop house and site plans that meet the MaineHousing construction and design standards and the MaineHousing Green Building Standards.

"Some of the site work for the two-home development has already been completed. Coastal Builders plans to get started right away on digging the foundations. The houses should be assembled on site by the summer."

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